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Voiced by Dana Snyder , Master Shake or simply Shake is a narcissistic, lazy, shallow, and selfish, possibly sociopathic, and hilariously idiotic milkshake. When the Aqua Teens solve crimes, Master Shake claims to be the leader, in spite of rarely accomplishing anything and usually obstructing progress and leaving the actual work to Frylock. His special powers are emitting charged blobs of pistachio milkshake from his straw and making any small object he throws to the ground explode, though the latter is not noticed by himself or other characters. Shake particularly loathes Meatwad, and goes out of his way to torment and bamboozle him with elaborate schemes.
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Danger Doom

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Ranking Each Frylock Death | ScreenRant

Few shows that have aired on any network or streaming service have made less sense than Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That's saying a lot when you're talking about Adult Swim , where virtually nothing makes sense and everything is a little scary. In the beginning, Frylock, Master Shake and Meatwad were supposedly detectives, trying to solve cases and help people. They gave up on that virtually immediately. Instead, the Aqua Teens focused primarily on ruining the life of their neighbor, Carl. Still, they managed to rack up a pretty impressive rogues gallery of enemies. When Frylock first met Bert Banana online, he decided that Bert might actually be a good new friend for him.
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A lot, it turns out. T-Pain has actually been making some good songs with legitimate artists. How about a little fact-checking people! Hat-tip to BrandFreak for the story.
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Few shows in the history of television were more arbitrary and made less sense than Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was, for all intents and purposes, the story of a Happy Meal that came to life and supposedly became detectives. The only problem was that they never really solved any cases and committed an almost endless number of crimes. The only one of them who was remotely rational, competent, or intelligent was Frylock, and even those attributes didn't prevent him from dying, sometimes quite brutally.
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