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The college setting has been a popular one when it comes to Hollywood. Movies based around the college theme, whether sports or academics, comedies or dramas, have always been popular. That said, the goofball has a good heart and actually offers some useful knowledge to pass along to his fellow undergrad students. While critics were lukewarm to the movie, it did spawn two more less popular films in the series a sequel and straight-to-video prequel. This one probably flew under many radars, but enjoyed some popularity thanks to cable television.

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College movies are a cinema staple, delivering those who attended college doses of nostalgia and those who didn't plenty of drama, comedy, and general mishaps to hold their interest. Films with college as the backdrop often focus on characters who are learning what it means to be an adult for the first time, and these stories rarely feature a smooth journey. All relevant movies were then ranked based on the Stacker Score metric, which weighs both the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes measurements equally. The top 50 are presented here and ranked from worst to best. While college isn't always the focus of the films on this list, it is the setting at the very least. Also included are details about how the film and its creators have impacted college students and culture at large. The oldest movie on this list was released in and the youngest was released in

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