Vaginal uterus removal

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Skip to site alert. Skip to content. Endometrial ablation is a procedure to permanently remove a thin tissue layer of the lining of the uterus to stop or reduce excessive or abnormal bleeding in women for whom childbearing is complete. Endometrial ablation may be recommended to destroy the lining of the uterus. Because the endometrial lining is destroyed, it can no longer function normally, and bleeding is stopped or controlled. In most cases, a woman cannot become pregnant after endometrial ablation because the lining that nourishes a fetus has been removed.
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Vaginal Atrophy (Atrophic Vaginitis) Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Back to Health A to Z. You'll no longer be able to get pregnant after the operation. Hysterectomies are carried out to treat health problems that affect the female reproductive system. A hysterectomy is a major operation with a long recovery time and is only considered after less invasive treatments have been tried. If you have a hysterectomy, as well as having your womb removed, you may have to decide whether to also have your cervix or ovaries removed.
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Vaginal Atrophy (Atrophic Vaginitis)

Normally, supporting ligaments and other connective tissues hold your uterus in place inside your pelvic cavity. Weakening of these supportive structures allows the uterus to slip down into the vagina. As a result, the vagina also is pulled down and may turn inside out. Doctors refer to this downward movement of the uterus as uterine prolapse.
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Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. It may also involve removal of the cervix , ovaries oophorectomy , Fallopian tubes salpingectomy , and other surrounding structures. Usually performed by a gynecologist , a hysterectomy may be total removing the body, fundus, and cervix of the uterus; often called "complete" or partial removal of the uterine body while leaving the cervix intact; also called "supracervical". Removal of the uterus renders the patient unable to bear children as does removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes and has surgical risks as well as long-term effects, so the surgery is normally recommended only when other treatment options are not available or have failed. It is the second most commonly performed gynecological surgical procedure , after cesarean section , in the United States.
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