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Three women delve into how they really feel about body hair by grooming mannequins into their personal ideals. About Credits Three women delve into how they really feel about body hair by grooming mannequins into their personal ideals. Some of this is coming off, some of this is coming off. Some stuff is coming off.

The Pubes Diaries: We asked 52 Aussie women to draw what their pubes look like.

Female pubic hair: 52 women on if they shave, wax or laser their pubes.

There is a reality about the world when it comes to pubic hair. Most people, and we say most because there are always those who disagree, groom their pubic hair. Some people use the scissors and trim it back some. And then there are those who go Brazilian. They head out to their local salon and get a good waxing or laser treatment. Each style is left up to the individual.

How much hair is normal down there? We asked doctors about this and other pube-related questions

You've now got a reason. You can blame your pubes. When it comes to pubic hair and vaginas , and how much you dare to bare, especially if you're into men under the age of 40, it matters.
BuzzFeed Health spoke with three experts — Dr. Evan Rieder , assistant professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center — to learn more about pubic hair and best practices for grooming, whether you like your pubes au naturel, nonexistent, or somewhere in between. She adds that skin, in general, harbors bacteria and viruses, and pubic hair can help prevent them from spreading to others during sexual contact.

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